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Calypso Essential Oils has been a leader in the distribution  of Natural Essential Oils.

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We Always giving first priority to providing best of best quality Standard.

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We are having facility and tie-up with local and international shipping consultant.

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we always taking care & personal watch for our customer to delivering Costeffective.

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Calypso Essential Oils has been a leader in the distribution and production of Natural Essential Oils. It has been in existence for more than a decade, and has had a major impact on the industry. It is distinguished from other oil production units by its state-of the-art machinery. We offer a wide variety of products, including essential oils like rose oil, lemon oil, orangle oil, lavender oil etc.

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Our Technology

We have high quality machinery and skilled team for oil production


Our Happy Customers

Rajat Sharma Oil Manager

Calypso Essential Oils is my only source for superior customer service and high quality products. I spent hours researching to find the best supplier for my essential oils needs. One company stood out from the rest.

Avinash Tomar CEO

Calypso Essential Oils offers excellent products, great service, and fair prices. The products were delivered in perfect condition. They are highly recommended for everyone!

Shivani Sharma Oil Manager

I have received many compliments after using Natural Essential oils. The aroma keeps me feeling positive and energized all day. Calypso Essential Oils are a blessing.

Pankaj Rajput CEO

I appreciate the essential oil sales and services. Staff who are passionate about customer service and respond to customers' concerns with genuine passion. The product quality, packaging, and price were excellent.

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